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BUILDING HOPE for the Velazquez Family

The Velazquez family was the recipient of The Good Deed Project's Building Hope renovation in December 2021. The project's focus was on an ADA retrofit to make the family's home more accessible for Brian (20) and Jonathan (14), who have Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a disease that causes loss of muscle strength and functionality, eventually causing complete immobility.

In one of our most extensive Building Hope renovations to date, completed over a 10-day period, we provided the Velazquez family with an ADA retrofit of their home valued at more than $100,000, resulting in a home that is safer, more comfortable, better meets the needs of the entire family and offers the boys more independence in their daily lives.  

Our goal has always been to cover the basic needs of our families — in this case, widening doorways, a complete bathroom remodel that allows Brian and Jonathan to enter and use the bathroom for personal grooming for the first time, and adding voice-control capabilities for lighting and door access throughout the house. Thanks to the generous contributions of our donors, community partners and volunteers, we were able to go above and beyond with the home’s interior and exterior transformation, which will have a positive impact in the family’s life for many years to come. The boys are experiencing some much-needed joy with their newly remodeled home and some amazing holiday surprises that include a soccer field in the backyard, a VIP UFC experience, Raiders gear signed by Derek Carr, new Travis Scott Fragment Jordan 1 shoes and “the most Christmas presents” they’ve ever received!


10 Days   

$100,000 Value

70 Volunteers

1,506 Volunteers hours

0 Injuries (ok... just a few splinters)

The modifications completed throughout the home:


  • Extensive remodel of the bathroom to accommodate the wheelchairs and body lift for easier transferring to toilet and shower

  • Expanding living space by removal of obstructing walls

  • Widening doorways 

  • New mobile-adjustable height kitchen table to allow for versatile tasks including homework and mealtime, and other disability-friendly furnishings including adjustable medical beds

  • New main entrance into the home to allow for wheelchair entry, with addition of exterior pathway

  • Security gate addition with sensor to allow touchless access

  • Backyard redesign to allow for wheelchair activities

  • Smart System installation for voice-controlled lighting and doors

  • Miscellaneous interior/exterior home repairs



RJ article.jpg

Las Vegas Review Journal

"Must Read": Home Retrofit a Good Deed




Bobby Panaro helped make this renovation very special for the Velazquez family. After a grant fell through at the last minute, The Good Deed Project staff was left scrambling. And then, thanks to our friends/volunteers Mary and Jason Fitzgerald, we got put in touch with Bobby, who was looking to make a difference in the life of someone in the community. He not only donated $10,000 toward the home renovation, but he hooked Brian and Jonathan up with Raiders gear and their new Travis Scott Fragment Jordan 1 shoes. Brian likes to wear his shoes all the time, but Jonathan loves his so much that they are now for display only. Plus, the boys will never forget the VIP UFC experience Bobby arranged, where they got to take in the Meisha Tate fight ringside with Charles Barkley and meet Dana White, Kamaru Usman and Aljamain "Funk Master" Sterling.


As noted above, this was one of our most extensive renovations ever. And it wouldn't have been completed to the extent it was without the hard work of the KH S&S team. They helped on this project from start to finish, performing everything from their day-to-day expertise of framing, hanging drywall, and painting to manual labor and furniture staging staging, welcoming the family home and wrapping up projects. Their team hardly ever left the home site. They went above and beyond what we could have ever expected. We were truly blessed to work with such a top-notch team.

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Sarah Hughes

Craig & Chris Kadlub

Robyn Navarra

Jim Valdivia

Daniel Chenin

Sheila Carque

Karina Ashworth

Trish Bradley Garvin

Mary Fitzgerald

Hannah Easley

Debra Buskas 

Susan Leedham

Roxy’s Quilt & Sew


Donna Morell

RC Wonderly

Brandy Villagomez

Patty Ference

Amanda Rich

Robin Staatz

Aminah Nuristani

Priscilla Meza

Hannah Mancuso

Klemer Prieto

Marissa Welvang

Kendra Rich

Scott Ferguson

Sarkis Tchekarian

Irma Chavez

Jorge Fonseca

Yolanda Mosqueda

Sarah Staley

Cristina Alvear

Terri Brown-Rees


Corey Watson

Rhoel Ternate

Iris Sin

Brianna Mathews

Chris Walski Cappas

Rebeca Barredo

Elka Meadow

Anna Gibson McCaffery

Sue Carr



Karina Ashworth

Charlie Gonzales

Fatai Momodu

Iris Sin

Brianna Mathews

Sean Lee

Sone Phila

Jim Valdivia

Anthony Valdivia

Rhoel Ternate

Jamie Gentner

Jen Horton

Chris Horton

Aric Bonner

Leslie Mia

Madi Edgmon

Samantha Merry

Whitney Negrete

Kyle Taylor

Chad Scott

Joe Pierce

Melinda Sorgi

Brian Harris

Bob Parker

Angel Montenegro

Winston Tabak

Jose Cortez

Lukas Inman

Miguel Lopez

Pedro Flores

Rocky Hollis

Ed Warner

Jarret Stockmar

Jacob Tomlin

Craig Kadlub

Hannah Easley

Mary Fitzgerald

Jason Fitzgerald

Ben Fitzgerald

Nick Fitzgerald

Marsha Dunham

Lucas Boesen

Tyler Naumes

Edgar Gutierez

Johnnah Johnson

Christopher Franklin

John Franklin

Debra Buskas

Renee Schivo

Robyn Navarra

Steve Navarra

Evan Navarra

Sharon Wolthers

Autumn Hong

Stephanie Cherney

Susan Leedham

Mark Causey

Zion Cruse

Tamara Rob

Sergio Gonzalez

Amy Gerlach

Dawn Marie Nolfi

Gina Dilingham

Hope Quintanar-Case

Krista Smith

Maureen Tsai

Rosa Person

Stacie Johnson


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