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We Believe everyone deserves a safe & comfortable place to live. A positive environment can be life changing & we are committed to fulfilling this mission --
ONE GOOD DEED at a time.

THE GOOD DEED PROJECT started in 2014 as a desire to offer a bit of help to a nonprofit in need of a renovation. At the time, the Las Vegas Valley was still in recovery mode from the Great Recession, and there was a great need for those in the nonprofit sector as donors weren't able to give as much and organizations didn't have funding to properly maintain their facilities. Founder, Mandy Telleria, decided to take on a small pro-bono project as a community outreach effort using her design skills and network. The first project was completed for Living Grace Homes, a teen pregnancy shelter, which turned out to be a group effort with the help of local businesses, students & skilled volunteers. From this, the seeds were planted for future projects and the name was born -- THE GOOD DEED PROJECT. In response to the great need in the community and vocal support from those who contributed along the way, Mandy took the outreach effort to the next level and made a commitment to serving the community long-term through a full-fledged nonprofit. Now the organization is a recognized 501(c)(3) charity that provides a variety of services in Las Vegas and throughout the state of Nevada.

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