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YOU CAN CHANGE A LIFE! Your donation, whether $10 or $1,000, will be deployed immediately to address urgent housing needs for the most vulnerable in our community, children, families, seniors, veterans, and those special needs individuals. Our range of services provide life-transformative, healthy and safe living environments through home rehabilitation and urgent repairs for low-income homeowners -and- home essentials for those transitioning into a new living space, either from homelessness or other dangerous situations.


Choose a contribution from the Giving Menu -or- an amount you're comfortably able to make. Your donation will have an immediate and long-lasting impact in the life of those who need a helping hand for a brighter future. 



*The menu images are for visual reference only.

The Delivering Hope program was added in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic to address emergency needs for those transitioning from homelessness and other dangerous situations by providing home essentials such as beds, kitchen tables, sofas, and other furnishings. This critical service includes delivery and installation as the individuals needing these items typically use public transportation and do not have the vehicle nor the means for pickup and transportation.

The Good Deed Project_GOODHome Starter Kit_Thumbnail 4x4.jpg
The Good Deed Project_Delivering Hope Kitchen Table & Chairs_Thumbnail 4x4.jpg

Kitchen Table & Chairs 

GOODHome Starter Kit

Large storage bin filled with 88 home goods including kitchen ware, bath towels & cleaning supplies

The Good Deed Project_GOODSleep Kit_Thumbnail 4x4.jpg

GOODSleep Kit

Blanket & 2 sleeping pillows

The Good Deed Project_Delivering Hope Sofa_Thumbnail 4x4.jpg


The Good Deed Project_Delivering Hope Home Package_Thumbnail 4x4.jpg

Bed Set

Mattress, bed frame & bedding

The Good Deed Project_GOODSleep Bed & Bedding_Thumbnail 4x4.jpg

Home Furnishings Package

Essential furnishing for daily living including beds, dressers, kitchen table/chairs, and lighting


The Good Deed Project_Building Hope for Seniors Home Package_Thumbnail 4x4.jpg

Home Modification Package Accessibility & Aging-in-Place 
$5,000 (major) 

$1,500 (Mid-level) / $500 (Minor)

The Good Deed Project_Building Hope Urgent Home Repair_Thumbnail 4x4.jpg

Urgent Home Repairs

$5,000 (Major)

$1,500 (Mid-level) / $500 (Minor)

Tools & Supplies


The Good Deed Project_Building Hope Full Home Renovation_Thumbnail 4x4.jpg


Home Sponsorship

Full or Partial Home Renovation

Interior & Exterior Rehabilitation

.*Contact us for more information

Our signature program, Building Hope, provides relief to homeowners who fall short of qualifying for bridge programs or don’t have the skills nor finances to tackle their own emergency home repairs, aging/handicap accessibility retrofits and/or major interior/exterior maintenance issues including electrical and plumbing problems.


Click the button to choose your life-changing contribution.

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