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MEET THE FOUNDER :: Mandy Telleria

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Fueled by a passion for people, design, and education, Mandy Telleria founded THE GOOD DEED PROJECT with the belief that one must share their skills and resources for the greater good. What started as a pro-bono initiative has now turned into a thriving community resource which runs as a hub for businesses, skilled-professionals, students & the community at large to give back to those in need. In addition to founding TGDP, Ms. Telleria extends her contributions into the world of academia as an adjunct professor of architecture and design at the College of Southern Nevada –and– is the founding principal of VOI – a single source design studio that provides a wide range of design solutions for a spectrum of project types including those in the hospitality & commercial sectors – which allows her to bring the knowledge and expertise of design and construction needed for community development.

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