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GOOd deed women 


GOOD DEED Women #BuildingHopeTogether

Learn more about the GOOD DEED
Women philanthropy & service group! 

We look forward to connecting with you! 

Big News! 

The Good Deed Project is launching the GOOD DEED Women philanthropy and service group! 

The organization was inspired by a woman, founded by a woman, and over the past 7 years, the women who have engaged in our organization have had an immense impact in carrying out our mission and service to the community. 

So we want to honor the strength and resiliency of women, as well as the measurable difference they have made both in our organization's growth and the positive impact in the lives of those we serve. We'll harness the collective power of women and the combination of their dedication and heart.


We are proud to announce the launch of this new women's group that combines philanthropy and service. All women are welcome -- students, mothers, designers, young entrepreneurs, seasoned CEOs and more. If you want to make a difference, we want you to join us! 


Link arms with other like-minded women to have a greater impact in our community while building genuine relationships and inspiring each other along the way!



​The Good Deed Project

is committed to improving living conditions for families with limited resources through renovations and other services.  

hOW we serve



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     Renovations for nonprofits & individuals in need.


     Disaster relief with sourced rebuilding materials.


     Home maintenance & emergency repairs


How you can make an impact on our community directly:

     Donate goods & services for renovations.


     Donate funds for programs & projects.


     Volunteer for projects & operations.


     Engage in community events & fundraisers

If you'd like to be considered for these services, please request to be placed on the list. We will notify you when we are accepting applications. Please do not call as we do not take inbound requests. We can answer any questions you may have during the application process. Thank you!

***CLICK HERE for a printable version of information about THE GOOD DEED PROJECT.

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